Policy and Regulations

The policy and regulations subcommittee is responsible for: 

  • Lobbying and engagement with government entities (NERSA, DMRE, IPPO, etc.)
  • Understanding the current regulatory framework in place for energy storage
    • Sharing this information with interested parties
  • Working with government and other stakeholders to ensure that new policies are developed and existing policies updated to cater for storage 

Technology and Applications

The technology and applications subcommittee is responsible for: 

  • Discussions on existing storage technologies
  • Discussions of new storage technologies 
  • Identifying applications for different storage technology types 
  • Technical discussions surrounding different storage technologies
  • Market education regarding different technologies and their use cases

Safety and Standards

The safety and standards subcommittee is responsible for: 

  • Engagement with relevant stakeholders in the development of standards relating to energy storage 
  •  Understanding local and global safety standards relating to energy storage